Important info for Proposals

Some important aspects to consider when preparing the proposals:


  1. Beam time for research purposes at iThemba LABS is no longer restricted to weekends only. For the purpose of proposal submissions, you are therefore encouraged to indicate your beam time requirements in terms of shifts (1 shift = 8 hours) instead of number of weekends.
  2. In order to increase the quality of proposals that are reviewed by the PAC, a technical/financial review of proposals will be implemented. This technical/financial committee will provide input and suggestions to the spokesperson of each proposal on beam, accelerator, target, and financial matters. Following this review the spokesperson will be afforded time to respond to the comments/suggestions.

    The technical/financial review committee will consist of representatives from the accelerator, target, and source groups, as well as the manager of the Department of Subatomic Physics, the iThemba LABS liaison person for the proposal, and the secretary of the PAC. The recommendations of this review committee will be forwarded to the PAC together with the spokesperson’s response and the submitted proposals.

  3. If iThemba LABS is expected to carry the costs for new research infrastructure development, target or beam material, users should approach the Head of the Department of Subatomic Physics ( prior to proposal submission to discuss the matter, and provide appropriate quotes.
  4. Although it is important and desirable for students to be identified on a project, the submission of high-quality proposals is appreciated regardless of student involvement.
  5. Dr Ntombi Kheswa has to be consulted prior to the submission of the proposal if iThemba LABS is expected to manufacture targets. She can be reached at
  6. For beam related inquiries contact Dr Joele Mira (
  7. Spokespersons are requested to provide proper rate estimates in any proposal submission.
  8. Progress report submissions are no longer required. Instead, please provide details on past projects as required on the Beam Time Application Form.
  9. Local liaison/spokesperson should ensure that overseas colleagues are aware of these guidelines when preparing the proposal.
  10. The PAC will evaluate the merits and feasibility of all new proposals in order to approve a 12-month experimental program.
  11. Beam time allocated by the PAC in conjunction with the approval of a research proposal will remain valid for up to two calendar years. After that the approval for the proposal expires and the proposal must be resubmitted to the PAC.
  12. In exceptional cases the Director may allocate discretionary beam time in response to urgent beam-time request. Generally, less than ten per cent of the available beam time will be allocated for this purpose.
  13. From 2019, as part of the proposal submission process, spokespersons are required to certify that every co-author has read the proposal and agrees with its content.


December 2023