Welcome to the iThemba LABS SSC Beam Time Application Website.

The PAC Meeting dates are 28 – 30 October 2019.

Proposals for all experimental research facilities using beams from the SSC will be considered. Facilities and detectors available for experiments include:

  • a clinical proton and fast neutron facility for radiobiology and dosimetry research, which includes cell culturing facilities and a microscopy platform for cytogenetic and DNA repair assays,
  • a high-energy quasi-monoenergetic neutron beam facility,
  • AFRODITE, an array of Compton-suppressed Clover detectors
  • ALBA, an array of large-volume LaBr3:Ce detectors,
  • the K600 QDD magnetic spectrometer,
  • a fast-timing array with 8 small-volume LaBr3:Ce detectors,
  • a Compton suppressed segmented Clover detector,
  • an electron spectrometer,
  • a tape station facility,
  • a DSAM setup,
  • a 1.5m scattering chamber,
  • and several auxiliary particle detectors e.g. silicon, CsI, and neutron wall.


The PAC secretary will be able to put the spokespersons in contact with the responsible scientist of each facility to obtain the necessary details for proposal preparation.


This website is closed for the submission of proposals.
The application procedure will open in mid June 2019.


To apply for beam time:

  1. Read Important Information for Proposals
  2. Download the proposal template here
  3. Convert your proposal to a pdf file
  4. Fill in the Beam Time Application Form and upload the pdf version of the proposal

You can also upload a letter of intent (also in pdf format).


Closing Date for Applications:
Friday 16 August 2019


If you experience any problems with the online beam time application procedure please contact:

Michelle Van Der Ventel-Bark
Email: mvdventel@tlabs.ac.za
Tel: +27 21 843 1063
Cell: +27 73 196 0041


For all other PAC related queries please contact the PAC Secretary:
Retief Neveling
Email: neveling@tlabs.ac.za
Tel: +27(21) 843 1133


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